"I was born as a girl but I felt more as a boy since the age of 5. At the age of 17 I started to take hormones. I was on testosterone for 8 months, and I was dating a girl for a longer time. The testosterone started to change my body and voice. When I heard the Gospel I repented and gave my life to Jesus. It was so surreal that the enemy was making me believe that I was someone else. Now that I am out of it, I can see how many sins entered my life during that time. Everyone always told me that it is not possible to get away from sin because it is bound to our nature. To be free now was a completely new revelation. I thank God for delivering me. I am now in peace with my own body like I never was before." 


"I am a man but I lived in the LGBTQ community as a transgender. I gave myself the name Kylo, that was the name I used. I was taking cocaine and many times I was overdosing. I also was in the rehab three times, but nothing changed, I kept using drugs, I couldn’t live without drugs, because of the pain I was going through. I started to get financial difficulties. This is how I became a prostitute for other man in the LGBTQ community. I sold my body to men. My mother and my father died when I was young, and I was alone. I grew up at the house of my grandmother and there from 13 till 16 I was sexually abused, repeatedly by my own uncle. This is all I have known all my life, since I was 16, now I am 26.

The people I slept with always wanted me to get the surgery and pressured me to do it, but I didn’t do it. So I was at a point in my life where I was thinking that if I am taking drugs the next time, than I will not survive. I was sleeping with 10 man on a daily basis. But it didn’t gave me any joy, besides money, but that didn’t make me feel happy.

When I finally came for help and prayer I thought that I would be condemned but instead they were kind to me. I thank God, he has rescued and changed my life."


"I was trying to come out of the LGBTQ community because of the negative impact on my life. I was searching for help. When I was prayed for I felt a freedom that I never felt before. After the prayer for the first time in my life woman looked beautiful to me, this was the first evidence that I was now set free!"


"I was in the LGBTQ community for many years. I had a lot of struggles and destruction from the enemy and I had 32 boyfriends. They told me that no one can change me. They told me that I would never come out of it. I thought that I was going to die as an LGBTQ member, but when God saved me, He showed me that I will be a light to that community to testify of the goodness of the Lord.

When I was prayed for, I felt the fire of God inside of me. I felt the overwhelming love of God. I will never be the same again. I was set free for the glory of God! Nothing is impossible to the Lord! Whom Jesus sets free is free indeed!"